What was BIG

now it’s GIANT

Omelete Company, Brazil’s largest pop culture company, has joined the BIG Festival, the largest festival of independent video games, creativity, business and networking in Latin America.

This giant partnership promises to add value and move the virtual game segment as a whole, as well as reinforce the importance of the event within the independent video game scene.

A new time,
a new milestone

In 2022, the BIG Festival will reach a historical milestone, celebrating a new phase in its 10th edition. The combination of the main video games industry’s event in Latin America and Omelete Company’s expertise in events such as the giant CCPX, will bring even more experiences to the festival and strengthen the audience connection with the gamer community and the eSports scene.

The event has the participation of companies such as Playstation, Xbox, Google and Tencent, as well as some of the biggest influencers and names in the market and an exclusive programming of eSports.